WRNG Channel 12 in Binghampton reports that the countdown is on for one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Retails stores are busy today, getting ready for Black Friday shoppers.

Watch the video that contains an interview with Dunkin Franchise Owner, Ben Vanderlinde


AFB Sports spent the day unpacking shipments, and stocking its shelves with Yankees World Series memorabilia.

“I have the World Series official shirts, locker room shirts, the parade shirts, we’re getting in more sweatshirts, jackets are on order, World Series jackets, the official team plaques will be here sometime in December,” says Mary Ann Kinne, owner of AFB Sports.

AFB isn’t alone.

The warehouse in the back of Best Buy in Vestal is packed with merchandise.

By the time workers leave the store tonight, it will be ready for a rush of shoppers.

“A lot of today is getting our stock out onto the floor, making sure its priced, making sure that aisles are going to be accessible, making sure that if a customer comes in looking for a certain item, it’s ready to go for them,” says Michael Fisne, general manager of Best Buy in Vestal.

Dunkin Donuts in Johnson City is also gearing up for the big day…

It has plenty of it’s prepackaged coffee and gifts ready for sale.

Employees asked to open extra early Friday, to help bring keep those early bird customers on their feet for the long day of shopping.

“They actually came to me and again, it’s not just this store but two other stores asked if they could come in at 3 am. Most of our customers are regulars and we have a relationship with them between our employees and our customers and they know our customers are out way bright and early on Black Friday,” says Ben Vanderlinde, owner of the Johnson City Dunkin Donuts.

And while most stores were busy just setting up today….

It’s nowhere near what they’re in for Friday when shoppers hit the aisles in search of deals.

Best Buy says it’s heard of people setting up tents on Thanksgiving day, to be first in line when the doors open on Friday.

WRNG Channel 12