Inevitably, there is going to be one that cuts against the grain, and on the subject of minimum wages, it appears that Iowa might just be the one!  Republican Governor Terry Bransford has endorsed a small increase in the state minimum wage (currently $7.25), but also qualified his endorsement by adding that its necessary to look at what neighboring states are doing in order to stay competitive. As a backdrop, understand that four of the counties in Iowa have already adopted minimum wages that exceed the current state minimum. Legislative leaders in the republican-controlled legislature are more concerned with not being competitive and are advancing legislation (House Study Bill 92) that pre-empts local cities and counties from setting their own minimum wages in excess of the state level! In fact, House leadership is scheduling the bill for a full hearing in the House.  If the bill were to pass as currently drafted, Polk, Johnson, Wapello and Linn counties would all have to reduce their current wage minimums!