The state of Maine became the first state in the nation to ban the use of polysterene foam food and drink containers when Governor Janet Mills signed the restriction into law this week. LD 289, sponsored by Representative Stanley Zeigler, prohibits restaurants and other “covered establishments” from providing food or beverages in Styrofoam containers effective January 1, 2021. In addition, the legislation, which passed both legislative branches within the past two weeks, goes so far as to also prohibit plastic stirrers, again effective in January 2021. The Governor signed the bill on Tuesday, April 30. A similar initiative has been passed by the Maryland legislature as well, but republican Governor Larry Hogan had yet to indicate whether or not he will sign that bill into law. Notwithstanding, in view of the supermajority that approved the legislation, a veto of the bill by Hogan could easily be overridden by the democrat-controlled legislature. We would also advise that the New York City foam ban became effective at the beginning of this year and fines will be levied beginning July 1, 2019 against companies for any use of foam cups, containers, plates, etc. With the ice now broken at the state level, we can expect to see other states following suit.