Flag-of-Maine-300x282The good news is that a significant effort to restore some balance to the Franchisor/Franchisee relationship paid dividends when the Maine House of Representatives voted to adopt Minority Report “B” on Monday of this week, thereby endorsing our fair franchising legislation!  The other shoe dropped however, on Wednesday when the Maine State Senate killed the initiative by a 25 – 9 vote.  This means that the fair franchising initiative in Maine is over – but only for this session.  The fact that the bill was passed by the House is significant and underscores a legislative acknowledgement that there is an inequity in franchising that needs to be addressed.  We will continue to work with the Coalition of Franchisee Associations, the Maine Franchise Owners and our own Dunkin’ franchisees in the coming months to prepare to re-introduce fair franchising in Maine again next session.  Congratulations to our hard-working franchisees who moved the issue forward in Maine – their effort will ultimately benefit franchisees across the country!