Maine Governor Paul LePage last week announced that he will back a petition campaign to eliminate the state income tax entirely.  At a forum in Auburn, LePage blamed the income tax for many of the state’s problems and articulated his plan for a constitutional amendment that would eliminate the state income tax forever.  His current budget proposal dramatically alters the tax environment in the state, dropping the income tax rate from 7.95% to 5.75%, and corporate income taxes from 8.93 to 6.75 percent.  His proposal would increase the state sales tax from 5.5 to 6.5%.  While the Governor was talking of reducing taxes in Auburn, back in the state capital of Augusta, unions were rallying in protest of the Governor – along with a republican push to enact Right-To-Work legislation in the state.  The Maine AFL-CIO Executive Director said the union had many goals but the top priority was defeating Right-To-Work legislation that would prevent unions from collecting mandatory fees from members.