A compromise seems to have been brokered by Governor Janet Mills in the state of Maine over mandating paid leave benefits for private employees. The legislature’s Labor Committee this week approved compromise legislation that would apply to businesses with more than 10 employees who work for a business more than three months in a year. It provides that such employees would accrue one hour of leave for every 40 hours worked up to an annual maximum of 40 hours. Further, it would prohibit cities and towns from enacting their own paid leave mandates. This latter is especially important as Portland is currently considering such a mandate and a vote on the local proposal is scheduled before the Portland City Council on May 8! The compromise won bipartisan support in committee with all but one republican and one democrat voting in favor. Legislative resolution is also critical in the face of an effort by the liberal Maine Peoples Alliance pushing to get a far more stringent paid leave referendum on the 2020 statewide ballot.