Opponents of the so-called “Millionaire’s Tax”, who had formally requested a recount of the measure, passed by voters on Election Day, have since changed their minds and withdrawn the recount request.  The measure, which mandates a 3% surcharge on any individual income over $200,000, was favored by voters by a margin of just over 1% of the 758,000 votes cast.  The funds will be earmarked to pay for K-12 education in the state of Maine.  Another measure that was passed by Maine voters this year increases the state minimum wage and phases out the separate minimum for tipped workers over a three year period. But, the tipped workers in the state don’t want to see the tipped wage eliminated as they fear it will negatively impact their income.  The Restaurant Workers of Maine have started an online petition to get the tipped wage restored and the Maine Innkeepers Association is backing that effort.