Final results were close and late coming in on some ballot issues and the Maine so-called “Millionaire’s Tax” is one of them.  On Election Day, voters approved Question 2, a citizen initiative that reinforces a 2004 law requiring the state to fund 55% of K-12 education costs, a mandate the Legislature failed to meet.  Question 2 proposed imposing an additional 3% tax on Maine residents earning more than $200,000 to fund education costs with the tax being levied beginning January 1.  By a vote of 383,449 in favor and 373,913 opposed, the measure passed by 9536 votes (36 votes over the threshold for a recount). Notwithstanding, opponents, led by the Maine chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business, gathered the signatures to formally request the recount.  For the recount to move forward, state officials must verify that at least 100 of the signatures came from registered voters who actually cast ballots in the November 8 election.