Efforts continue in the Maine legislature to eliminate the notion of at-will employment. Although it may be considered a long-shot, work sessions have continued around advancing L.D. 553, An Act to End At-will Employment. The proposal, which has been favorably voted on by the Committee on Labor and Housing (7-3 vote), would require the employer to prove a valid “cause” through a rigid three-step disciplinary process to terminate or lay off an employee. As currently drafted, the law would apply to employers with 5 or more employees and would give employees the right to bring a lawsuit in court if they believe the disciplinary process was not followed or a “good cause” did not warrant a termination. The bill still has a ways to go before it gets to the Governor, but we wanted you to be aware of its possible movement. In best protecting your business, you can never take your eye of these egregious legislative proposals!