DDIFO knows that every Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owner is heavily invested in and takes pride in food and beverage safety and quality. However, factors like employee turnover, foot traffic and multiple language requirements can make it difficult to maintain consistent cleaning and sanitation standards. Enter DDIFO Sponsor Ecolab, a global company that has worked with Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees for 10 years and is eager to expand these relationships to provide the best cleaning and sanitation solutions.

“Our history working with Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners and with Dunkin’ Brands positions us uniquely in the market, because it means we have a deeper understanding of their issues than many of our competitors,” said Arliene Bird, Assistant Vice President of Corporate Accounts for Ecolab QSR. “By also working with the DCP, we’re able to offer national programs that make our products and services even more affordable.”

Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, Ecolab’s QSR division (KAY® Program) serves clients the world over with industry-leading, innovative and cost-effective solutions that help minimize waste and deliver labor savings. With more than 40 years of experience, Ecolab is the leading global supplier of cleaning and sanitizing products and services to the QSR industry. Everyone at Ecolab understands the unique challenges you face and approaches resolving those challenges in a spirit of partnership, aiming to make all the difference for your customers, employees and brand. Ecolab boasts a global network of QSR-dedicated full-time field service associates who are ServSafe®-certified and cross-trained on Dunkin’ Brands beverage cleaning procedures. Its technical, regulatory, microbiological and food safety support teams also have QSR-specific knowledge and expertise.

Ecolab’s flagship product–the KAY® Filter Pouch Cleaner (DCP# 354125)–is a patented cleaning technology that makes cleaning as easy as brewing a pot of coffee or tea. After just one day of improper coffee and tea equipment cleaning, oils can begin to accumulate, turn rancid and affect beverage quality. Using the KAY Filter Pouch Cleaner daily helps to keep beverages tasting their best. What’s more, the convenient, easy-to-use pouch keeps coffee pots sparkling and brewing equipment in top working order with less effort than other methods and without the need for protective equipment. Packaged in a paper pouch resembling a teabag, the cleaner enables easy rinsing with no chemical residue or aftertaste and is safe for use with all glass, plastic and stainless steel servers.

The company offers a number of other cleaning and food safety related products and services, such as Ecolab Pest Elimination (EPE) and EcoSure®. EPE helps you to: ensure a clean, pest-free environment that enhances the customer experience; better manage food and operational costs; pass inspections and avoid shutdowns. EcoSure boosts food safety and brand standards performance through auditing, training, consulting and other quality assurance services.

“All of the products and services we offer to our QSR clients are designed for maximum effectiveness and efficiency with minimum environmental impact. It’s a matter of pride for us, as is our ongoing relationship with Dunkin’ Donuts,” Bird said. “We have a great deal of respect for the franchise owners and for the Brand. That’s a big part of why we became a DDIFO Sponsor and why our goal is to serve even more franchisees in the Dunkin’ system.”

To find out more, visit www.ecolab.com/businesses or contact Arliene Bird at 973-699-8465 or arliene.bird@ecolab.com.