There are two new developments on minimum wage this week that are rare enough to come under the Man Bites Dog headline. First, a lawsuit challenging the current effort to put the Flagstaff $15 minimum wage on the ballot was dismissed by an Arizona court last week, seemingly clearing the way for the repeal effort to move forward. Judge John Napper ruled that the plaintiff in the case lacked standing to bring the challenge and therefore cleared the question for the ballot. Second, over in Missouri, the $10 an hour St. Louis minimum wage will officially drop back to $7.70 next Monday when the state preemption law takes effect. The Missouri legislature passed the preemption after St. Louis had already voted to increase the city minimum, but the courts have since upheld the preemption to be effective August 28.  It is reported that some businesses will continue to pay the $10 wage, but doing so it their own choice – as it should be!