In many, albeit not all states, the employment application process prohibits a potential employer from inquiring into a job applicant’s salary history, ostensibly to avoid perpetuating gender bias in employee compensation. Maryland joined the ranks of states that “banned the box” back in February as relates questions about an applicant’s criminal history, but the provisions prohibiting inquiries into past salary history did not become effective until yesterday.  And a separate ban also became effective yesterday although its import for Dunkin’ was mooted some months ago when Dunkin’ completely eliminated the use of its iconic Styrofoam cup globally. Some local and state governments are still imposing bans on the use of polystyrene foam drink and food containers. The state of Maryland became the latest when its ban became effective yesterday, October 1. Restaurants statewide are prohibited from using polystyrene products, including cups, plates, carryout containers and trays. The prohibition, which was passed by the legislature back in 2019 carries fines of up to $250 for violations, allows a business that can prove the ban spurs an undue hardship or creates practical challenges to apply for an exemption for up to one year.