In May, 2022, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed legislation that repealed and reenacted certain provisions of Maryland state law relating the anti-discrimination statute. Those provisions all became effective on October 1, 2022. First off, the obligation to provide a reasonable accommodation for an employee’s disability has been expanded to include applicants for employment as well. Consequently, Maryland employers are now prohibited from failing or refusing to make a reasonable accommodation for a known disability of an applicant for employment rather than just for an existing employee. Furthermore, the law lowers the standard for individuals to prove harassment and sexual harassment by removing the requirement that the alleged harassment had to be “severe and pervasive”. Now, the “severe and pervasive” standard is explicitly rejected and harassment is defined as unwelcome and offensive conduct, which need not be severe or pervasive when based on a protected class. Lastly, the time for individuals to file lawsuits for harassment is stayed while an administrative charge or complaint is pending. As a result, a complainant has significantly more time to file for an unlawful employment practice.