A survey by covered employers in Maryland is due in to the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights by Wednesday of this week, July 1. The “Disclosing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act”, which became law almost 2 years ago on October 1, 2018, bans private arbitration settlements for sexual harassment but also imposed a strict survey timeline on all employers of 50 or more workers regarding past sexual harassment allegations. By July 1, 2020, covered employers must respond to a survey from the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights and provide the agency with: 1) the number of settlements made by or on behalf of the employer of an allegation of sexual harassment by an employee; 2) the number of times employer paid a settlement of sexual harassment allegation over the past 10 years; 3) number of settlements made that included a non-disclosure agreement and 4) whether the employer took personnel action against an employee who was the subject of a settlement. The law requires that the survey be filed by Wednesday and further that it be completed again and filed by July 1, 2022 with new updated information. The act does not specify what penalties an employer may face for failure to comply.