We advised as recently as last week that Maryland could be next up in mandating paid sick leave for private employees and that caution became reality last week. The Maryland state senate followed the lead of the House of Delegates and overrode the veto of Governor Larry Hogan on legislation mandating paid sick leave for private employees. By a vote of 30 – 17, the democratic-controlled senate finalized the override last Friday of the politically charged issue. Hogan had filed his own sick leave legislation which would have used state tax credits to offset the sick leave costs for small businesses. Under the new law, which becomes effective in 30 days (February 12), employers with 15 or more employees are required to allow their workers to earn up to 5 days of sick leave per year. Proponents claim the benefit will aid 700,000 workers while the Governor’s office estimates half that number. Either way, paid sick leave for private sector employees in Maryland is now the law. Maryland is now the 9th state to dictate sick leave benefits for private employees.