Seems the ‘Punish the Prosperous Parade’ continues unabated with approval of a proposal at the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention this week to assess an additional 4 percent tax on incomes over $1 million.  Under the state constitution, which currently prohibits a graduated income tax, any proposed amendment to the constitution must be approved by two consecutive legislatures sitting in constitutional conventions (con-con).  Earlier this week, the con-con gave initial approval to the “millionaire tax proposal” by a vote of 135-57, well above the 25% approval threshold to advance to consideration at the 2017 con-con.  To be cleared for consideration by voters on the 2018 state ballot, the proposal will need 50 favorable votes (out of 200 legislators) at the 2017 con-con.  If it receives that approval, as expected, it will go before the voters in 2018.  Speaking of taxes and Massachusetts, we remind Baystaters that the 2016 Tax Amnesty program will expire at the end of this month, so time is running out for those who want to correct prior returns without penalty.