Massachusetts Govenor Signs CORI Legislation in 2010

On May 7, 2012, the Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (“DCJIS”) launched a new on-line system (“iCORI”) for employers to use when conducting criminal background checks in Massachusetts.

Employers faced a May 4, 2012 deadline to comply with various provisions of Chapter 256 of the Acts of 2010, “An Act Reforming the Administrative Procedures Relative to Criminal Offender Record Information and Pre- and Post-Trial Supervised Release” (“CORI Reform”).  The May 4 deadline included the required use of the iCORI system and the adoption of policies and procedures for using criminal background information.  The iCORI system is now live and available through the DCJIS website. In addition, the DCJIS has published a model CORI policy, acknowledgement forms, and trainings for employers to review and consider in connection with CORI Reform compliance.

The DCJIS materials and access to iCORI may be obtained through the DCJIS’s website.

In addition to reviewing the materials on the DCJIS website, employers are advised to consult with their attorney to ensure that their use of criminal background checks complies with CORI Reform, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and employment discrimination laws.