With the signing of H.5250, the omnibus Economic Stimulus bill on January 5, the last day of the legislative session, our decade-long effort to correct the Massachusetts tip pooling law finally bore fruit. Governor Charlie Baker last week signed the legislation into law including a critical provision amending the statutory definition of wait staff employee to include a person in a quick service restaurant who prepares or serves food or beverages as part of a team of counter staff. The provision further clarifies that such an employee has no managerial responsibility during a day in which the person serves beverages or prepared food or clears patrons’ tables. The longstanding problem with tip pooling in the Bay State stemmed from the statutory definition of managerial responsibility which included such tasks as maintaining a cash box, training other staff, and opening or closing the restaurant. Similar legislation was passed by the legislature in years past, but was pocket-vetoed at the time by former Governor Deval Patrick.