Speaking of Massachusetts, governor Charlie Baker yesterday signed into law the so-called Grand Bargain compromise that avoids a couple of contentious issues from appearing on the November ballot. The legislation, negotiated over the past several weeks between advocates and some business groups, provides for an increase in the current $11 per hour minimum wage to $15 by 2023, with the first increase starting in January. Additionally, the law provides for 12 weeks of paid sick leave as well as 20 weeks of paid family medical leave with the payments funded by employer contributions to a new Family and Employment Security Trust Fund. In addition, the state requirement to pay time and a half for all work on Sunday and recognized holidays is eliminated. Perhaps easing the sting of the “Grand Bargain” somewhat, Massachusetts also announced this week that employers within the Bay State will pay a lower rate for workers’ compensation policies than they did last year. Business will pay an assessment of 3.83 percent on their insurance premium in Fiscal Year 2019, down from the current assessment of 4.56 percent.