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A virtual cup of coffee with DDIFO Executive Director Ed Shanahan – May 18, 2013

Legislative Activity picking up all around the footprint! – As individual state legislatures dive into the meat of their new legislative sessions, there is much activity swirling around issues of concern to all franchise owners across the country.  Leading that hit parade would appear to be efforts to increase the state minimum wage levels, in some cases, considerably.  You may recall that President Obama talked about his desire to increase the federal minimum wage to $9.00 per hour during his Second Inaugural Address back in January.

A quick look at some of these minimum wage proposals:

Illinois – from $8.25 to $10.00; California – from $8.00 to $9.25 over 3 years; Minnesota – from $6.15 (federal requirement of $7.25 is operable) to $9.50 over 2 years; Michigan – from $7.40 to $10.00 over 3 years and Maine from $7.50 to $9.00 over 3 years.  In addition, a proposed ballot initiative in New Jersey would increase the wage to $8.25 and index future increases to the Consumer Price Index!  And, earlier this year, New York passed an increase in its minimum wage that takes effect at the end of 2013.

Fair Franchising – We reported last week on the legislative hearing on the Small Business Investment Protection Act  in the state of Maine and that there a working group would be continuing discussion on the proposal.  That work group met this week and the end result was that the bill was voted to carry over into the 2nd year of the 2-year Maine legislative session.  There will likely not be much activity over the summer months and we will continue to push adoption of the bill into the fall months.  Similarly, we also advised in past issues that the California legislature was likewise considering its own Fair Franchising legislation.  Although there is not much movement on the bill to report, we are glad to advise that the proposal has been endorsed by the California Chapter of the National Federation of Independent Businesses!  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step!”

Back on the East Coast, the Massachusetts Fair Franchising proposal has been sent to the joint Committee on Community Development and Small Business and scheduled for a public hearing on the 11th of June.  In addition to the fair franchising bill, the committee will also hear testimony that day on an Anti-Choking measure which will essentially require that all DD shops have on the clock at all times, an employee trained in anti-choking techniques!  Later in the month of June, the joint Labor and Workforce Development committee will take testimony on the Massachusetts Tip Pooling proposal.

DDIFO National Conference – As you now know, DDIFO this year will bring its Annual National Conference to Atlantic City, NJ to try and help the Jersey shore recover from the devastation of last fall’s Hurricane Sandy.  Planning is well under way and we encourage all franchisees (DDIFO members as well as future members) to plan to attend this great event.  We will begin the conference with an enlightening Opening General Session on Monday afternoon, September 16 at Caesar’s Atlantic City and follow that with a Welcoming Cocktail reception.  We’re still pulling together presentation topics for the full conference and invite your suggestions, ideas and comments.  And by the way, don’t forget to give some serious thought to who among the franchise community you feel would be worthy of consideration for the DDIFO Hall of Fame!  More info will be coming soon on the timelines and criteria for induction.

DD Franchisees in the news – We couldn’t help but be impressed with a story that ran on television out of Virginia on the partnership of DD Franchise owner Andy Rod and the Virginia Institute on Autism (VIA) to try and address the needs of some afflicted with autism.  The story is available here, and we thank and congratulate Andy on his program and its success!  And speaking of the charitable efforts and generosity of our franchisees – as well as their customers – it has been reported that Dunkin’ Donuts and many of its customers have donated close to a half million dollars to the One Boston Fund, a fund established to assist those individuals injured in the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing on April 15 !

And please feel free to contact us at with any news items, comments or suggestions you may have for us to incorporate in next week’s edition of Small Regular – No Sugar!