The Golden Arches will be dishing out sweets soon in 2 different directions and for 2 very different reasons. For the first time in eight years, McDonalds said it is adding baked goods to its breakfast menu in the hope of strengthening its weak breakfast daypart. The company announced this week that it would begin offering apple fritters, blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls to its all-day menu by the end of this month. They’ll be adding a different kind of sweet treat to some 34,000 workers in California who joined together to bring a class action wage theft lawsuit against the company back in 2013. This week, a state court judge in California approved a settlement whereby the Golden Arches agreed to pay out $26 million to the workers, with the average check being just over $333, but some going as high as almost $4,000. In addition to the monetary penalties, the company also agreed to revamp protocols relating overtime, rest breaks and uniform practices. Note this settlement was for company store employees, where the standards of operations were said (by McDonald’s) to be superior to that of franchisee operations! A sour end!