photo credit: waferboard via photopin cc

This past week, McDonald’s Corp noted via its Investor Day that it would be aggressively pushing coffee products and menu extensions, both in restaurants and via the CPG channel.  Ironically, Kraft Food Group (same as in above story) won the McDonald’s business to work the CPG business.  McDonald’s described its multi-year coffee thrust and indicated that the total coffee related sales mix moved from 2% to 8% of sales in four years.  They also noted that coffee kiosks would be placed into some grocery stores, while in restaurants, they’ll work the “coffee and more” campaign to attach more coffee sales to food items. Ironically, one business analyst this week opined in Business Insider that the McDonald’s push on coffee is actually hurting their business operation!   And lastly, McDonald’s is testing an idea put forth by a franchisee to add a third drive thru window to speed up transaction times in some units.