Speaking of the joint employer rule and NLRB, the heavyweight battle between the Golden Arches and Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the money and force behind the Fight for $15 and other worker advocacy initiatives, is just getting bigger and broader. McDonalds Corporation last week retained management-side law firm giants Littler Mendelson and Morgan Lewis to assist its franchisees in keeping the union out of its franchise locations. Perhaps in response, SEIU and others are trying to tie their issues together with the #MeToo Movement and have called for a multicity strike against McDonalds for next Tuesday. The strike call is being painted as a response to “pervasive sexual harassment” at some of the brands franchised restaurants, but many of the players are the same ones behind the Fight for $15 and the filing of EEOC complaints against the company. In the publicity surrounding the call for the walkout, advocates are claiming the action is because of a poor record relative to sexual harassment.