Earlier this summer, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a medical marijuana bill into law, but unlike some other states, it provides significant protection for Ohio employers.  The law, which goes into effect on September 8, 2016, will permit eligible individuals (with specific health conditions) to receive authorization from their healthcare provider to use certain forms of marijuana (vaporizers, edibles, patches and oils), however smoking medicinal marijuana is not permitted. Furthermore, any employee terminated by his/her employer for using medicinal marijuana is ineligible for unemployment benefits, even if they have a valid prescription for the drug!  As relates employer rights, employers need not make an accommodation for an employee’s use, nor are they prohibited from refusing to hire, or discharging, disciplining or otherwise taking adverse employment action against a person because of their medical marijuana use and further, they’re still free to enforce a drug-free workplace or zero-tolerance policy.  Although it is one of the more-employer-friendly of the 25 existing medical marijuana laws across the country, Ohio employers should still review their employee handbooks and drug policies with competent legal counsel.