Notwithstanding that they have enjoyed a certain amount of success in the push to increase the minimum wage, organized labor advocates organized a number of protests around the country again yesterday.  Despite it being just a week after New York and California governors each signed legislation adopting the magical number of $15/hour, protest organizers were said to be planning protests in as many as 300 cities around the country.  News reports indicate that the protesters will include fast food and healthcare employees as well as airport workers from some of the nation’s busiest airports.  In addition, protesters greeted attendees in Washington DC at the National Restaurant Association’s annual Public Affairs Conference earlier this week.  Democratic presidential candidate (and self-proclaimed socialist) Senator Bernie Sanders immediately released a statement applauding the protesters and endorsing the $15 minimum wage.  Back in the state of Maine, the business community has begun aggressively pushing a minimum wage increase by the legislature to forestall a ballot initiative going to the voters in November.  Strategically, with 2016 being a presidential election year, business is better served by giving a more reasonable increase to $10/hour now than letting the electorate decide the issue against the backdrop of a heated presidential election.  Getting it done will be challenging – the Maine legislature adjourns April 20!