The debate over minimum wages, funded in large part by SEIU and its so-called Fight for $15, continues to surface around the country. Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogset is suggesting that the city council take a breath before moving forward with Proposal 92, which would hike the minimum wage for municipal workers to $13 an hour. Hogset claims to support the idea of increasing the minimum city and county wages, but urges the delays because he is working to close a structural deficit in the city budget. (Amazing how an individual’s outlook changes depending on whether they’re signing the front or the back of a check!) Along that same line, we noted that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi last week said that if Democrats regain control of the House at next year’s mid-term elections, they will take up raising the national minimum wage to $15 with the first 100 hours of regaining the majority! That’s certainly something to consider!