Lest we forget, the push for increased minimum wages continues around the country with two more being enacted within the past couple of weeks.  On the west coast, Oregon became the latest state to buy into it when the Oregon House passed Senate bill 1532 and Governor Kate Brown promised to sign it into law.  Once she does, Oregon will have the distinction of having the highest state minimum wage in the nation, ultimately reaching $13.50 per hour in 2022 statewide and $14.75 in the metro Portland area.  The bill provides for increases based on geographical boundaries.  The first statewide increase begins July 1 with a $9.75 wage.  It was far more entertaining in Birmingham, Alabama this week where the city council passed a minimum wage increase and the Mayor signed the bill into law. One day later however, the Senate fast-tracked a state pre-emption bill and sent it to Alabama Governor Robert Bentley for his signature.  The Governor signed the bill just about one hour after it cleared the senate, and as a result, the Birmingham minimum wage of $10.10/hour to be effective Sunday was voided.