It seems to be a drumbeat that we’ve been hearing forever, but there were more minimum wage issues of which we took note this week.  Speaking of New York, the Governor Cuomo Wage Board, charged with increasing the minimum wage for fast food workers throughout the state, has yet to issue their final recommendation, but you can be sure it will be coming and it will include a wage increase.  Restaurant owners throughout the state have banded together to oppose the initiative under the banner, Save NY Restaurants.  They released a letter this week that was delivered to the Governor asking him to sit and negotiate the issue with them, or at a minimum expand the wage board to include industry representation.  When the phone don’t ring, they’ll know it’s him!  In other minimum wage news, the City of Chicago implemented the first of several minimum wage hikes to bring the city minimum to $13/hour by 2019.  The first increase, which took effect on July 1, spiked the minimum wage in the Windy City from $8.25 to $10 per hour.  In each of the next two years, the wage will jump by $.50 and then by $1 in the subsequent 2 years.  Up in Maine, the city of Portland just authorized a citizen petition to be placed on the ballot this November asking for voters to mandate a minimum wage in Portland of $15/hour.  The Council has the authority to adopt the citizen petition, send it to the ballot, or send a competing proposal to the ballot.  It appears most likely that the Council will send a petition to the ballot asking for a minimum wage of $10.10/hour effective January 1.