Elsewhere, we note that minimum wage in Minnesota will increase effective August 1 for both small and larger employers.  Minnesota provides for two different minimums based on the size of the employer business.  Large employers (at least $500,000 gross annual revenues) will be required to pay $9.50 per hour beginning next month, while small employers will face a minimum of $7.75 effective August 1.  It seems a bit incongruous, but the Atlanta suburb of Clarkston decided to hike establish its own minimum wage to more than three times the official state minimum of $5.15.  This week, the Clarkston city council approved a minimum wage for city employees of $15 an hour, but they didn’t stop there.  The council also voted to establish election day as a half-day holiday.  So, in Clarkston a person who doesn’t vote (or may not even be eligible to) can now take a half-day off from work to celebrate that they don’t vote on election day?  That same day in Clarkston, the Council reduced penalties for marijuana use – think it’s all related?