It is an issue that just won’t go away, and this week was no exception with the courts, legislatures and a governor here and there each having something to say/do about minimum wages. The Cavaliers might have one foot in the grave in the NBA Finals, but the Cleveland minimum wage law has been brought back from the brink by a Franklin County Ohio judge who ruled that a state preemption law violates the Ohio constitution. If the ruling holds, the Cleveland minimum wage of $15 per hour will be back in play! Likewise, a state judge in New Mexico has reaffirmed the Albuquerque minimum wage in a lawsuit that sought to roll back the minimum to what it was before the voters approved an increase in 2013. Minneapolis is moving forward with a proposal to boost the minimum wage within this twin city to $15 an hour over the next five years. The city council introduced the bill this week that if passed, will apply the $15 minimum to all businesses regardless of their size. Ironically, Governor Mark Dayton paved the way for the local mandate when he vetoed a Minnesota preemption law just last week, but that wasn’t his most interesting veto – he also defunded the Minnesota legislature when he signed the state budget bill, but vetoed the legislative funding in order to force a special legislative session.