One of a couple of minimum wage issues that have been going back and forth in the courts winding their way through the courts was finally decided while another was argued before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The Arizona Supreme Court rejected another last ditch effort to nullify the wage law that was approved by voters last November.  The court upheld the voter approved increase back in March, but opponents pressed a second challenge that the law triggered a state constitutional provision requiring the identification of a new funding source. That argument was unanimously rejected by the court. The law took effect in January. In Alabama, an array of retail and restaurant groups have asked the 11th Circuit Court to reject a challenge brought by the NAACP against a 2016 Alabama law preempting local minimum wages. The challenge, which contends the law is discriminatory because it resulted from “racial animus” that existed when the state constitution was adopted, was initially rejected by the lower court earlier this year.