The question of raising minimum wages at the federal, state and local levels continues to yield a broad array of answers across the country – and the debates show no signs of abating. SEIU funded Fight for $15 and other advocate groups, such as Arise Chicago, protested at various locations around the Chicago area this week for increases to the minimum wage. This latest protest was likely prompted in large measure by the community of Park Ridge preparing to opt-out of the Cook County wage and leave ordinance. Park Ridge this week indicated it will likely become the 20th community within Cook County to say thanks, but no thanks to the County’s minimum wage mandate of $13 by July 2020. Since the county adopted a paid sick leave mandate last October, and followed that up a few weeks later with a minimum wage hike, a steady parade of communities within the county limits have formally rejected the mandates and opted out of the ordinance. Northbrook opted out on Wednesday and Park Ridge will formally vote on opting out on June 5, while the village of Elgin will vote on the same question on June 14. Perhaps more will follow?? At the state level, Maine Governor Paul LePage has filed legislation asking legislators to amend a voter-approved increase by slowing the process and lowering the incremental increases. LD 1609 would increase the minimum by 50 cent increments annually until it reached $11 an hour in 2021. The voter-approved mandate hikes the Maine minimum wage to $12 in 2020. The Louisiana Senate Finance Committee has rejected the idea of increasing the minimum wage in the Bayou state to $8.50 an hour. By a vote of 7-3 along party line vote of 7-3, the Finance Committee again rejected Governor John Bell Edwards’ efforts to move the wage above the federal minimum of $7.25. A similar effort last year died in the same committee by another party line vote. And, in the state of Nevada, Republican Governor Brian Sandoval has indicated a willingness to negotiate an increase to the minimum wage with the democratic legislature in exchange for some changes to the state’s overtime laws. The Nevada minimum is $7.25 for those getting health insurance and $8.25 for all others.