With the turn of the calendar in another two weeks, many employers across the country will see their minimum wage obligations rise. In fact, no fewer than 29 individual states will be raising their mandated minimums come January 1, 2023 along with another 59 local jurisdictions. Effective New Year’s day, the state of Washington will have the highest statewide wage floor at $15.74 an hour. It will also be home to the highest locally mandated minimum wage in the country with the city of SeaTac coming in at $19.06 per hour. In the wake of the voters passing Initiative 82, Washington DC will begin to phase out the tipped wage on January 1 with the tipped minimum rising to $6.00/hour and the regular minimum wage jumping to $16.10 per hour. Employers should confirm the new minimums and ensure they are in compliance. You can review a detailed chart of the minimum wage changes here from the Economic Policy Institute.