Some elected officials seem hell-bent on stifling economic growth wherever they may find it, and the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota is just the most recent example. The Minneapolis city council adopted a complete ban on new drive-thru construction two weeks ago, although in reality the city had already banned new drive-thru windows in 15 of the 21 zoning districts within the city. The other six are mostly industrial anyway! Municipal officials were quick to point out that existing drive-thrus will not be impacted. Minneapolis is the largest city to have instituted a ban on drive-thru windows. Councilors claimed they implemented the ban to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle noise levels as part of their Minneapolis 2040 plan to reduce greenhouse emission 80% by 2050. They did not comment on any economic impact the ban may have. The 2018 QSR Drive Thru study released last October indicated that as much as 70 percent of a QSR’s sales activity can come from the drive-thru window, so the impact of the ban can be significant going forward.