Three years ago, the city of Minneapolis adopted its own local minimum wage in excess of the state minimum with a phase-in schedule bring the local wage to $15 per hour through the year 2024. Two days ago, the Minnesota Supreme Court upheld that ordinance against a challenge brought by manufacturing company, Graco.  The international manufacturer challenged the ordinance on the basis that the Minnesota Fair Labor Standards Act prohibited local communities from adopting minimums higher than the state minimum. Two lower courts had previously upheld the Minneapolis ordinance, but Graco appealed those to the higher court. With this week’s Supreme Court decision, the Minneapolis phase-in of $15/hour is validated and a similar ordinance adopted by the twin city of St. Paul will likely be upheld as well. The current minimum wage in Minnesota is $10/hour for large employers (with 100 or more employees) and $8.15 per hour for smaller employers.