A decision by the Minnesota Court of Appeals is causing some concern in certain circles over the expansion of employee rights the decision seems to grant.  In Burt v Rackner, Inc. d/b/a Bunny’s Bar & Grill, the court ruled that an employee who refused an employer’s directive (which violated the tip pooling law in this instance) can sue the employer for damages normally associated with a wrongful-discharge cause of action” and not merely lost wages.  The Minnesota Fair Labor Standards Act (MFLSA) prohibits mandatory tip-sharing amongst employees, although they can voluntarily agree to split them. In this case the employee, Todd Burt, refused to share his tips with other staff as he was directed by his boss and was subsequently terminated.  The lower court dismissed the case because he hadn’t lost any wages (he kept the tips) and he wasn’t entitled to damages under wrongful termination because the MFLSA does not provide for them.  The Appeals court overturned the lower court decision and thereby expanded the reach of the Minnesota FLSA to allow damages under a wrongful termination action.