DDIFO Sponsor Advertorial

Mint-X Corporation helps Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners maintain the shine on their brand while enhancing sanitation practices. The company’s Mint-X Rodent Repellent Trash Bag is an EPA approved solution for repelling raccoons, rats and other rodents.

According to Chief Administrator Amie Yee, “A simple switch to Mint-X Trash Bags can help franchisees strengthen everything they’re already doing to keep their stores clean and rodent-free.”

Mint-X Trash Bags are comparably priced to standard trash bags, but their patented mint fragrance improves sanitation and the front-line employee experience. The bags’ all-natural, mint scent is added to the plastic during manufacturing; the scent is irritating to rodents but is pleasant to people.

Created in New York—where residents and business owners wage a constant war against rodents and odors— Mint-X Trash Bags are currently used by restaurants, transit systems, school districts and homeowners nationwide. They are available to DDIFO members exclusively through Grainger.

For more information, contact Director of Strategic Accounts Rich Wilson at rwilson@mint-x.com or 917-285-0197, or visit www.mint-x.com.