First off, we want to remind our subscribers that use of any Styrofoam products, such as cups, trays, bowls, plates, etc., in New York City will be subject to a fine beginning July 15, 2019 – only a few weeks away. We also noted this week that the Nations Restaurant News released their 2019 listing of the Top 200 Franchises and we’re happy to see Dunkin solidly in the top 10, coming in to the #8 slot overall with $8.8 billion in total sales. And finally, it’s hard to believe it necessary in 2019, but Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the so-called Save Chick-fil-A bill a few weeks ago. The legislation prohibits government entities from taking “adverse action” against people o businesses because of their membership in or support of religious institutions. Chick-fil-A was recently barred from opening a store in the San Antonio airport because of “anti-LGBTQ behavior”.