One note of concern we came across was that due to an unexpected frost damaging the coffee crops in some regions of Brazil, the cost of Arabica beans hit a seven-month high last week. There was an interesting little dichotomy in comparing two different ranking of favorable states that were released this week. First, CNBC released its annual America’s Top States for Business in 2019 this past week. Four of the top 5 states were repeats at the top of the list with Virginia jumping to #1 (4th in 2018), knocking Texas into 2nd, while North Carolina soared to # 3 (#9 in 2018), followed by Utah and Washington. At the other end of the spectrum, Rhode Island plummeted 5 spots to finish last, just below Hawaii, which dropped 2 spots from 2018. Using a different measure, WalletHub released its listing of the best states to live in and in order found Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey and Colorado topping the list. On the flip side by that measure, Mississippi was least desirable, followed by Louisiana, New Mexico and Arkansas.