A few weeks ago, we advised you that an employee of the Bernie Sanders Campaign had filed an unfair labor practice against the Democratic Socialist Senator from Vermont’s presidential campaign. Well, his supporters must have union issues front and center as another Bernie Sanders employee filed another unfair labor practice – but this one was filed against Senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaign! A Denver tenant right attorney, Jason Legg filed the charge “alleging its confidentiality agreement with staffers unlawfully prevents them from speaking out on workplace issues.” San Francisco-based website and app Thumbtack, which claims to help individuals and companies find the professionals they need to complete projects, has released a survey purporting to identify the most and least small business-friendly states around the nation. The 2019 Small Business Friendliness Survey reports the top five most small business-friendly states to be Arkansas, Virginia, Mississippi, Georgia and Maine. At the other end of the spectrum, Thumbtack places West Virginia in last place, followed by Connecticut, New York, Kansas and Hawaii.