There are strong arguments that current minimum wages are insufficient for workers to purchase basic necessities, but there is an equally strong argument that supply and demand for good workers will force companies to increase their wage scales without the government sticking its nose in.  A perfect case in point was made last week when Costco announced it was increasing its minimum wage scale across the country from the current $11.50 and $12.00 to $13 and $13.50 respectively beginning this month.  The company’s leadership weighed the pros and cons, then determined that an increase was warranted and in the best interests of the company’s health and future growth!  And, not one politician had to tell them to do it!  The ADP Research Institute this week released its popular ADP National Franchise Report for February 2016 revealing that franchises added some 18,500 jobs during the month.  The overwhelming majority of the new jobs were in the restaurant sector with hotel job increases being the second largest increase.