As the 2016 Presidential campaign gets deeper into the spring months and closer to the two party conventions this summer, the importance of the decisions voters will make this fall is coming more into focus.  At this juncture, small business owners are losing faith in the choices they’ll potentially see on the ballot come November.  The small business lending company, OnDeck, released a survey of 531 small businesses that showed 34% of small business owners have not confidence in any of the potential nominees – democrat or republican.   At the same time, a look at the tax plans put forth by the candidates for both parties shows how much individual taxes will rise and fall under each if they’re elected and successful implementing their plan.  Vox and The Tax Policy Center did an analysis of the candidate plans and report that a married couple filing jointly with 2 children will save $13,510 in taxes under a President Cruz, $11,360 if Trump is elected, pay an additional $350 per year with Hilary Clinton in the White House and should Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders win the Presidency, you’ll be liable for additional federal taxes to the tune of $21,930 per year!  If you want to find the exact impact on your individual financial situation, try the Vox Tax Calculator here.  Imagine what the tax impact will be on Dunkin’ Brands Chairman and CEO Nigel Travis depending on who wins the election.  His 2015 compensation was reported as $5.4 million, almost 50% less than last year’s figure of $10.2 million.