The Department of Labor reported yesterday that another 3.8 million new unemployment claims were filed last week, pushing the total for the last six weeks over the 30 million mark.  In the wake of the latest report out of DOL, the Congressional Budget Office has projected that the unemployment rate could reach as high as 16% into and through 2021. The highest rate during the Great Recession was 10 percent. A couple of surveys release this week shed additional light on consumer thoughts about the CLOVID-19 crisis and how it is affecting restaurants and the economy. Berman and Company surveyed some 400 restaurant consumers and found that 70 percent would be more likely to attend a sit-down restaurant if they took the temperature of patron upon entering. 69 percent of consumers support the relaxation of alcohol delivery and carryout rules beyond the crisis, and 47 percent of consumers say they are tipping more than normal for carryout and delivery. And finally, a poll by the Engine Group released Wednesday showed that Americans miss frequenting bars and restaurants more than other activities. 85 percent of those polled missed restaurants, while 82 percent missed shopping, 58 % concerts and 52% sporting events. Further, more Americans are concerned about the economy (91%) than are concerned about contracting COVID-19 virus!