McDonalds corporate sure knows how to “rob Peter to pay Paul”, as the old saying goes. The company hosted a webcast earlier this month to advise its franchisees (Peter) that a long-time company subsidy used to keep the price of a Happy Meal down would end on New Year’s Day 2021. Further, the company is increasing the monthly cost that franchisees (Peter) pay for corporate technological support. The company said it wants to reallocate these funds on other initiatives such as investing more in people, but it is also ending funding for the Archway to Opportunity program which provided educational assistance to McDonald’s employees. Sounds like Paul may be getting robbed too rather than paid! Starbucks, which just a last month announced that it was 10% pay increases to all employees across the board as well as other targeted increases in pay, last week doubled down and announced that by 2023, the company would pay a minimum wage of $15 per hour to all of its employees – full or part-time. And, finally, we’d like to congratulate Robert Cresanti, CEO of the International Franchise Association (IFA) as well as his VP for Government Affairs Matt Haller, on being named to The Hill’s annual Top Lobbyists 200 list for their work in Washington within Congress as well as with the administration. Congratulations to you both!