According to the latest People Report Workforce Index, released last week, efforts to recruit qualified employees by the quick-service industry are facing the worst challenges in the 10 year history of the report.  The Workforce Index, now a division of TDn2K, surveys restaurant HR professionals and recruiters to measure market pressure on restaurant employment.  Every sector of the restaurant industry was experiencing similar difficulties according to the report.  Many in public office proclaim themselves very concerned with protecting the rights of others to free speech and the freedom to express oneself in almost any way one feels comfortable.  It is challenging then to understand how this unswerving commitment to free speech is so easily derailed if they disagree with the message.  We noted this week that both New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Queens City Councilman Danny Dromm oppose the Chick-Fil-A opening this fall in Queens and are urging New Yorkers not to patronize the store. They do not agree with the personal positions of the family owners of the chain and especially object to anti-gay comments made by a company executive back in 2012!  So, if their call for a boycott were successful in putting the proposed stores out of business (10 – 12 stores are planned) then assuming 25 employees in each, the Mayor and Councilman will gladly put 250 – 300 New Yorkers out of work?  Because they disagree with a political opinion of a company executive?  That’s a lot of (government-mandated) $15/hour jobs that get wiped out!  And, that’s good for New Yorkers???