With many caught up in the new Pokémon Go fad, McDonalds is making a major move by partnering with the game developer, Niantic, to make all McDonalds store in Japan a PokéStop.  A PokéStop is a location where players can have the Pokémon they have already captured battle each other.  The game, which uses a cell phone’s GPS and clock to detect where and when a player is in the game and have Pokémon appear on the phone’s screen for capture, has recently exploded in popularity.  Data breaches are anything but a game, and of late, they seem to be as certain as death and taxes.  This week was no exception, as on the heels of confirmation that customer data from more than 1000 Wendy’s restaurants had been compromised, this week Cicis Pizza revealed that a data breach it uncovered back in March affected as many as 130 stores across a number of states.