QSR released their annual listing of the Top 50 brands in the industry just this week and we were delighted to see Dunkin’ Donuts check in at #7 on the list.  Despite the difficulties they have been experiencing over the past few years, McDonald’s again topped listing.  Tim Horton’s has managed to ostracize both sides of an advertising brouhaha north of the border.  Apparently, Tim Horton in-store digital TV accepted some third party advertising from an oil pipeline company,  and the ads so upset some environmentalists that they began an online campaign to get Tim’s to pull the ad, which the company did.  Allowing the environmentalists to dictate their advertising policy in this matter then annoyed a number of oil industry supporters (one of Canada’s largest industries) to begin their own boycott of the Canadian coffee and donut chain.  The waffling might be the worst tact to take!