The historic election of 2016 may have captured most of the news over the past several weeks, but there have been other items of note that we want to be sure you were aware of.  McDonald’s seemed to be making news left & right over the past few weeks . . . first off, a franchisee in Missouri gave us a great example of the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) after refusing to interview a deaf applicant for a job opening.  The cost for that non-compliance was over $56,000!  Owners must remember that every reasonable accommodation should be made for an individual with any kind of recognized disability.  More costly to McDonald’s corporate was a case with potential joint-employer implications in which corporate agreed to settle on behalf of a California franchisee accused of various labor law violations.  The Golden Arches settled the case out of court for a total payment of $3.75 million – $1.75 in back pay & damages along with $2 million in legal fees.  Lastly, we would call your attention to a lawsuit filed by McDonald’s Corp. against the city of Florence, Italy.  Now, if you’ve ever been to Florence and seen Il Duomo, you can appreciate the significance of the 700 year old cathedral and perhaps understand why the city turned down the McDonald’s request to locate a restaurant there.  Notwithstanding the historical reality, McDonald’s is asking for $20 million in damages!