A California customer of Krispy Kreme has filed a $5 million dollar class action lawsuit for false and misleading business practices against the North Carolina based chain.  The suit contends that four of the company’s donuts do not contain raspberries, blueberries or maple as the company claims.  The suit was filed in the US Court for the Central District of California.  After 500 tests, McDonalds is eventually moving to a modified table service format in all US stores.  Under their plan, orders will be delivered tableside in the restaurants and there will be large scale kiosks, and over time, mobile order and pay.  Franchisees must fund any incremental labor and equipment costs as incurred.  Table service will be a stark departure from their historic “in and out” focus.  Lastly, Dunkin has been sued by Splenda over the packaging of the artificial sweetener that Dunkin’ currently uses. Dunkin and Splenda parent, Heartland Consumer  Products, were previously in a business relationship that ended in April, after which the suit contends, Dunkin’ went with a Chinese-made product packaged in a similar pale-yellow package that misleads the public into believing they are getting Splenda.