We want to wish the best of luck to the Leyton Orient Football Club of the English Football League and their new owner, Nigel Travis! The Chairman and CEO of Dunkin’ Brands, a self-proclaimed “lifelong” O’s fan, Travis headed up a consortium that just bought the soccer club from Italian businessman Francesco Becchetti. Travis has been named Chairman of the Club. Earlier this month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the Employer Costs for Employee Compensation Report for March, 2017. The report measures employer costs for wages, salaries and employee benefits for nonfarm workers. It showed that total employer costs averaged $35.28 per hour worked, comprised of an average of $24.10 per hour for salaries and wages and benefits averaging an additional $11.18 per hour. When state and local government workers (average of $48.24) were removed from the calculation, private industry employer compensation costs dropped to $33.11 per hour worked.